31 October 2022

DevOps is a software development methodology we use that enables our teams to build, integrate, test, and deploy applications faster and more reliably, due to increased automation and improved collaboration between development and operations teams. This results in superior quality and acceptance of applications delivered much quicker than traditional development processes. Why go for DevOps? DevOps is an essential service if you’re looking to improve your application and digital products, and deliver better performance, speed, and functionality, by overcoming obstacles and building shared ownership between stakeholders. digitify’s DevOps experts will enable you to considerably accelerate your application deployment and delivery processes. Why choose our DevOps as a Service?

    • Innovation and Transformation

digitify helps your business to implement DevOps, putting you in a better position to experiment with new ideas and deliver innovative digital products and services, for your B2B, B2C, and B2E users. We show you how to try, test, and learn about the patterns and practices that really work, making digital transformation more effective & efficient for your business, from the rapid adoption of tech.

    • Working Diligently with You

Our team aims to understand your business and how it operates, to ensure a closer alignment of objectives and to ensure your specific requirements are met. You’ll enjoy working with our mature and seasoned Tangerine Team for DevOps engineers and architects. Together, we focus on what is strategically and technically important for your business and end-users.

    • Immediate Access to Top-Tier Talent

digitify has a dedicated DevOps engineering team with the best technical talent and wide skill set, ready to provide their service. They are readily available, saving you both time and costs compared to building your own team. Why hire a single DevOps engineer when you can get access to an entire team at digitify.

    • Vast Experience

With decades of experience across a variety of complex projects, our Tangerine Team brings a wealth of knowledge with them to every assignment, providing you with the DevOps and cloud infrastructure expertise you need. As your technical partner, our aim is to shorten development cycles, increase deployment frequency, and add quality with sturdy releases, all in close alignment with your business objectives.

Business Benefits Alongside this, your business benefits from:
    • Faster time-to-market

By making faster deployment possible, your business can deploy new processes, systems, and applications faster using DevOps services.

    • Innovation

Our DevOps services allow you to move forward with change at the velocity your business needs, innovate faster and adapt to changing markets better and become more efficient at driving business results.

    • Improved Customer Experience Capabilities

digitify can help you develop proprietary solutions faster and increase the pace of releases, improving your products quicker and serving your customers better; ultimately getting ahead of your competition.

    • Reliability

DevOps practices like continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) ensure the quality of application updates and changes is of a high standard, allowing you to reliably deliver new features at a faster pace while maintaining an optimal experience for your end users.

    • Costs savings

digitify delivers DevOps initiatives that not only drive innovations that will increase your business value but also save you the costs of in-house development, maintenance and upgrades, eliminating unnecessary capital expenditure and lowering project complexity and budgets. We also aim to reduce your infrastructure costs with the likes of AWS and Azure and provide services to help you take advantage of DevOps tools. digitify partners with the leading technology innovators to deliver our DevOps services, including AWS, Azure, Oracle and Google.